• Fare Estimates

    For those times when you are just curious or if you have a decision to make on which company to use, use our fare estimator to tell you what the approximate fare would be to go between any two addresses. Keep in mind that at Charlotte Yellow Cab there is a very small surcharge of $2.00 per passenger if more than 2 passengers ride in a cab together making us a very cost-effective alternative to airport shuttles.

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  • Reserve Your Trip Online

    Although it is a pleasure to talk to one of our operators, we now make it even easier and faster to make a taxi reservation. Just click on the button below and we will walk you through a fast, reliable process to reserve a taxi for either right now or some time in the future.

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  • Quick Codes

    Want to make your online or telephone reservations faster? Now you can by giving information about your most frequent pickup address ahead of time. Then just use the quick code we assign to you in stead of typing in your address every time.

  • Trip Tracking

    Did you ever wonder where your taxi is? Are you curious how our operators can tell you where your taxi is? Now you can do that from the comfort of your home or office. Just click on the button below, enter a couple pieces of information about your reservation and see where your taxi is.

    Track a Trip

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We blend state-of-the-art taxi dispatch technology and good old fashioned cab service to provide unparalleled service.

Our taxis are licensed to pick up in the city of Charlotte and the surrounding metropolitan area. Our taxi fleet of late model cabs is clean, safe and well maintained.

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